Manufacturing and assembly

How to order the house? House construction process


What is the first step?

Are you planning to build a new house? Do you have a design but you are not sure what to do next? 

SIA “VIT BŪVE” sales managers can help you! 

Send us your design drawings, tell us about your ideas and we will prepare a detailed commercial offer for your house and discuss specific project deadlines and the final price.

After agreeing all terms and conditions of our cooperation, we will conclude a contract.



After signing the contract and receipt of the advance payment, we will start the design process. To manufacture and build the highest quality timber frame house, considerable design work is required. The design stage takes most of the manufacturing time of a timber frame house.

While developing the design, we will take into consideration the requirements and the compliance of the materials with the regulations, as well as all necessary calculations, such as energy efficiency and strength calculations.

The preparation and coordination of the technical design documentation takes on average about 4-5 weeks.



After the manufacturing drawings developed by the designers are completed and confirmed, we will start the manufacturing process.

The prefabricated elements are manufactured by experienced professionals who complete the production processes according to a precise manufacturing design. The quality control and manufacturing conditions ensure high precision and quality of the structures. The manufacturing of a 150m2 residential house takes approximately 1-2 weeks.



We offer delivery of our products to our customers. The prefabricated timber panels are carefully loaded and transported to the construction site, where they are assembled. Each project has a detailed delivery plan, which helps reducing the unloading and assembly time.


Assembly / Construction

The assembly is carried out on pre-prepared foundations by our employees who are industry professionals, thus it is ensured that the building is assembled in strict compliance with the design to ensure maximum level of quality. The assembly of a single house takes about 3 to 5 business days. After the assembly, the roofing and exterior finishing works are performed to complete the exterior of the house.

Individual approach

Our specialty are houses that are a reflection of you - your unique style and individual needs. We manufacture and build timber frame panel houses according to your individual design.

Send us your project

What can be built from timber frames?

Prefabricated timber frames can be used to build functionally and architecturally very different buildings, for example:

  • Individual homes, semi-detached houses, terraced houses

  • Apartment buildings

  • Public buildings (hotels, dormitories, hospitals, kindergartens, schools etc.)

  • Summer homes, cottages

  • Saunas and garages

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