Advantages of prefabricated wooden frame houses

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Short construction periods

The manufacturing and assembly of a prefabricated wooden frame house takes about two months until it is possible to start internal finishing works. Compared to masonry houses that require drying time to ensure efficiency, wooden frame house construction is very quick, as no “wet” construction technologies are used, such as, plaster or concrete works. Prefabricated houses can be manufactured and assembled at any time of the year. Due to the low weight of the prefabricated wooden frame houses, they don’t require as massive foundations as other buildings, which allows significant savings of both time and money.

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High quality

Each house is design in specialized professional software, where all segments of the building are planned and resolved already during the design stage. This allows to fully determine all critical aspects to ensure maximum durability, insulation and appropriate aesthetic appearance. The house is manufactured at the plant rather than the construction site, which means that the materials and the processes are protected from the environmental impacts (rain, snow, wind). In our manufacturing and construction process, we only use certified and high quality materials from verified suppliers.

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Outstanding energy efficiency

Wooden frame panels are characterized by excellent heat insulation, despite the relatively thinner walls. Using a 25cm insulation layer, the walls correspond to 90cm masonry walls, thereby greatly reducing the heating requirements of a timber frame house.

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Unlimited architectural and construction solutions

Prefabricated wooden frame houses offer a lot of opportunities and freedom of architectural solutions to fit every desire, taste and means. wooden frame houses can be contemporary, with curved shapes, large rooms, high and large glass facades, as well as  traditional, massive, finished with cement fiber boards, bricks or decorative plaster or any other modern and current finishing materials. Different external finishing materials can result in completely different visual solutions, even if the design of the house is the same. The communications are built into the walls/ divisions (heating, electricity, water supply, ventilation).

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Competitive pricing

Comparing the total construction costs of prefabricated wooden panel houses to traditionally built buildings with similar energy efficiency, the wooden panel houses are very competitive due to a simplified and less expensive foundation solution, which is also important for shorter construction period and, thus, the construction costs.

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Ecological environment

In manufacturing wooden panel houses, we use only natural materials that are not harmful to the environment and people. wooden panel houses are warm, cozy and organic. The prefabricated wooden frame technology combines high-quality natural materials with modern scientific achievements in construction. Such construction technology has achieved smart balance between thermal insulation and air permeability, leaving a positive impact on the health of the occupants of the house.